Lichen planus what is lichen planus? â  lichen planus is a skin disease that frequently affects the mucous membranes inside the mouth. generic viagra free shipping What causes lichen planus? â  no one knows what causes lichen planus. â  it is not an infection. â  you didn't catch it from someone, nor can you give it to someone else. female viagra and fda â  it is not inherited. â  it was not passed down from your parents, nor can you pas it on to your own children. â  lichen planus is one of a group of inflammatory diseases that affect skin and mucous membranes. can you buy viagra online yahoo â  it is the inflammation in lichen planus which causes all of the problems associated with the disease. does viagra for daily use work Who gets lichen planus? â  lichen planus is twice as common in women as men and usually begins around the time of menopause. â  it can begin, however, in young adults as well as senior citizens. What does lichen planus look like? â  lichen planus has many different forms. â  the most common type has white streaks and patches on the cheeks, tongue, or gums. â  another type has blisters and ulcers. â  a third form simply has extensive reddening of the oral tissues. â  often more than one form is present. viagra for sale How o i know if i have lichen planus? does viagra for daily use work â  one of the problems with lichen planus is that it can resemble a number of other conditions and vice versa. eli lilly viagra samples â  these conditions range from canker sores to cancer. â  the only way to tell for sure whether or not a patient has lichen planus is to do a biopsy and examine the tissue with a microscope. What is involved in a biopsy? â  a biopsy involves the removal of a small piece of tissue from your mouth. â  this is usually done in the office rather than the hospital. viagra online â  first, a small amount of anesthetic us used to numb the area. â  the specimen removed is usually so small that a stitch is often not even required. viagra without prescription â  most patients do not require any pain medication following this type of biopsy, although some prefer to take two non-aspirin tablets before going to bed. What will happen to the biopsy specimen? â  the biopsy specimen will be processed and made into slides which can be looked at under the microscope. â  depending on the particular situation, one or more stains are used to demonstrate the specific types of cells and changes present which would indicate that a patient has lichen planus or some other disease. â  once the diagnosis is made, an appropriate type of treatment can be started. How is lichen planus treated? â  because lichen planus has many different forms, it is treated in many different ways. cheap generic viagra mg â  in many cases, if a patient's lichen planus does not have any symptoms associated with it, nothing is done other than to monitor the disease periodically, usually twice a year. â  lichen planus is an inflammatory disease; therefore, those cases that are symptomatic are usually treat. how much time viagra works

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